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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



I've always told my friends and family that if David and I ever have any problems, communication is going to be it. And I was right.

Lately, David and I have had a few "disagreement" due to his inability to fully explain what he means, and me having to try to fill in the blanks or suddenly become a mind reader. I am not a mind reader. In fact, what woman can actually read a mans mind unless he's staring at her boobs and has a hard on, I think that one speaks for it's self.

Let me further explain:

Example #1: David is planning a boys trip to Havasu and is leaving next week. He originally told me he was leaving on the 25th. Which I wasn't exactly happy about, but delt. Anyways, then he tells me, oh I think we're leaving on the 18th. In which I really wasn't happy about, because I was informed by my new employer that I will have to go to LA for 2 days of training and will be put up in a hotel that week. Who's going to take care of the kids????? We got into it about that a little, so I called my mom and she agreed to come and take care of the kids for me while I'm in training.

A few days pass and I'm leaving for work and David is on the phone with "one of the guys". I receive a call from David shortly after, and he told me that he's actually leaving on the 11th instead, he got the dates wrong. This is my first week at my new job. I don' t know if I'm going to be able to get home in time to pick the kids up by 6, and I need him more than ever, and he's leaving on the SAME WEEK I START MY NEW JOB!

Needless to say, I am NOT happy about this. It's just NOT good timing. I called my mom, and she just might be able to come stay with me and the kids when David is gone, just for back up.

Oh did I mention, David will be in Havasu for 5 days!?

Really not happy about that. Especially when last year he told me I could go. But now that we're engaged, etc. I can't go. But I couldn't go even if I wanted to with the new job and with the kids in school. He said next year, all the wives are invited. Yah we'll see.

Example #2: I help David out with flyers for his networking group. Well, he wants to send the flyer along with a map and sponsorship flyer as a mass email. He sends me the documents with these instructions:

Here Hun,
Hook it up like the golf one were the attachments are at the top. The sheets will be open and I can put a message.

HUH???? First of all, you can't have 3 separate attachments open in one document. You have to make them one document for them to be open. And the "golf one" I did 6 months ago, as one document, I didn't have 3 documents to work off of.

So I basically told him his instructions sucked and I didn't understand exactly what he wanted. The problem is, he didn't know either, and became frustrated with me because I didn't remember what the "golf one" was from 6 months ago. And I was frustrated with him for not knowing or explaining what he wanted.

Something similar happened like this last time he asked me to do something for his networking group, because I didn't understand exactly what he wanted and his directions weren't clear and I guess maybe I didn't ask him in the nicest way what he wanted. I guess when it comes to designing things, he's clueless and I just have to realize that and do what I think is right, because he's always happy with the outcome. It's just getting there that's the hard part.

See, our relationship isn't exactly PERFECT. Hopefully, these kind of things will be the biggest issues we have.


At 8:09 AM, Blogger Billy said...

If those are the biggest issues then it's not that bad...


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