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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



David is finally back! He was gone for 6 whole freakin days and lemme tell you, it wasn’t easy going that long without him or without sex. It took me a whole 10 minutes to jump his bones. It helped that as soon as I hugged him, I purposely rubbed up against him and could feel that he was just as excited to see me.

I told the kids to go clean their room. Then acted as if I was going in my room to change and made David come with me. I locked the door behind him and threw his ass on the bed and immediately pounced on him. It was the most incredible feeling to feel him again. Then we went at it again as soon as the kids went to bed. I feel much better now.

The job is going great. I really love it so far. They are sending me to LA for two days for new employee orientation. I’m leaving Wednesday night and coming home Friday night. Not really all that excited about leaving David now that I just got him back, but I have to go. David will have to take care of the kids all by himself. That should be interesting, but I’m sure he’ll do just fine, and call me a bunch.
Now that David is home, hopefully he’ll have the laptop set up tonight so I can catch up on reading all my favorite blogs. Take care.


At 9:06 AM, Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

There are few better ways to greet a person after a long vacation. I've heard.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger dasi said...

SIX WHOLE DAYS?? April, you crack me up!! I hope someday I find a man that I will miss that much that 6 days will seem like an eternity... lol As for me, before Mr. South Side it was (don't faint) almost three YEARS. I think I became a born again virgin. Thank God for fantasies... ;) And now that Mr. South Side (and all the "benefits" that came with him) is gone, it's been like three months. And guess what? I'm still ok!!

Glad you're back - and also glad you're enjoying the new job!!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Alice said...

i wish i had your sex drive! well, my boyfriend wishes it more, i'm sure ;-P

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Gia said...

Way to go girl...sounds like a nice way to end such a hard week you have had.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Miladysa said...

I was sure I had posted a comment?

Hope you are enjoying yourself :)


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