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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Friday night with David was one of the funnest nights we've had together in a long time. After I dropped the kids off, I came home and we had Sushi and wine. Then we had a few Hurricanes and got our buzz on. We were both feeling pretty playful and ended up having a water fight in bed, then had some really great sex. He was so dominating. I love it when he takes control and just flips me around and makes me do what he wants. It's so much fun.

Anyways..Saturday, our original plan was to clean house. We didn't get much done, but did at least accomplish some of it. Here comes the part in where I felt left out. I wanted to go to the mall and buy myself a new outfit for my job. David wanted to work on something in the garage, so I thought maybe my neighbor would go with me. I found out that her and my other neighbor (the one that I had the little tiff with) were out together, so I went shopping alone.

I was at the mall, and getting ready to leave, when I got a call from David. He was downstairs watching the fight with the guys (my neighbors boyfriend and the other one's husband) and wanted me to bring them all something to eat. I got the food and David met me outside to help me bring it in. I asked him where the girls were and he said they went to the bar but told me to hang out and have a beer.

Obviously I was hurt that they didn't invite me, so I just dropped off the food and went upstairs. They were trying to get me to stay, but I was actually very upset and didn't want to watch the fight or hang out with the "husbands" while their wife’s were out together.

David and I had originally made plans to watch some movies together Saturday night, but since the fight was on, and I knew he wanted to see it, I just went upstairs, by myself, ate my dinner and watched TV. David came home immediately after the fight was over and we talked about it. I was really upset. The problem is, I work with all men right now, so that makes it hard to have any "girl" friends. I was hoping to befriend my neighbors, but since our tiff, things have been different. They don't invite me over anymore and I know they party together all the time, because I can hear them. It just hurts to be excluded when I need friends now more than ever. All my friends live 2 hours away.

David and I watched the movie and went to bed. I was so upset I wasn't even in the mood to make love which sucks because there are only 4 days out of the month when we don't have the kids in the house and we can be as loud as we want to, and this was one of those nights and it was ruined.

Anyways, enough with my pity party. David, of course is so supportive and loving and tried his best to make me feel better, and told me he won't get his hair cut by the other neighbor anymore. I told him, I don't want it to look like it bothers me, and she does a good job, so he should continue to get his hair cut by her.

I'm not the type to call them and invite myself. I feel that if they make plans, and they want me along, then they will call me. Right?


At 11:15 AM, Blogger Anonymous Law Student said...

Your neighbors are acting like snobs. I don't know what tiff you had, but rude is rude.

At 12:00 PM, Blogger EB72 said...

Maybe you should plan a little something and invite them. They might be thinking you don't want to talk to them ...

At 12:07 PM, Blogger appsdshell said...

I guess what hurts, is that one night I called and asked her if she was baking cookies, because I could smell cookies. That was my way of saying HI, and she invited me down because her and the other neighbor were having a glass of wine. They were talking about me working out with them etc. It made me feel good. Then after that, I hear nothing from them, but yet, her boyfriend is always inviting David to do stuff.

I guess I should take a hint.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Alice said...

i would still maybe reach out to them one more time... invite them out with you so they can be reminded what an awesome gal you are and how fun it is to hang out with you ;-)

At 1:39 PM, Blogger mal said...

oh wow.....never had much in the way of girl friends, for what ever reason it just never seemed to have a lot of common interests. The few I have(had) we have been fairly close. I fully understand what you are saying about being left out...kinda sucks

At 3:01 PM, Blogger Miladysa said...

((Hugs)) When this kind of things happens to me it feels like I am a child back at school again and I feel so bloody frustrated! I say stuff 'em! but I still want to be with the 'in crowd'!

At 3:16 PM, Blogger appsdshell said...

Miladysa, that's exactly how I feel. I want to be in the "in" crowd. Not that there is an "in" crowd, but honesly, I just need some female companionship every now and then. I need to talk about getting my nails done, shopping and other girly things! I need a female to go shopping with. Working with 5 men just doesn't cut it.


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