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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Reflecting back, this year has been probably the best year of my life. Ever since meeting David, my life has gone from nowhere to fabulous. I am with the man of my dreams, someone I have all the trust, respect, and love that one could possibly have for another person. I couldn’t be more blessed or lucky to find someone like him.

My career has also taken off and I really love my job. I do feel overwhelmed at times, but I’m still learning and taking it all in stride.

Most importantly, my kids, who make me the person I am today. They keep me grounded and fill my life with love and happiness. Again, I am extremely lucky to have the kids I have. They are truly awesome little people.

Then there brings the fabulous friends and family that I have in my life. My parents have been married for 32 years and still get along (and I’m thinking better than ever now that they finally have the house to themselves and Mom has made some comments that I’d rather not have heard).

Now here’s the part where the wrench gets thrown in, just when every thing is going perfect. My mom called me a week ago and said that they found an abnormality in her breast. Which isn’t unusual, considering that she’s had several mammograms that have come up with abnormalities, but have been nothing.

Today she calls me to tell me she’s going to have to have surgery because the abnormality this time is a solid lump which may be cancerous. They need to perform a biopsy on the lump to find out if it is cancer. Needless to say, we have a history of cancer in our family, typically skin cancer and breast cancer. My Grandma, who died two years ago, had breast cancer back in 1995 and lived another eight years after she underwent radiation, kemo and a lumpectomy. I was lucky to have her in my life as long as I did. I love her very much.

So, this is life, and I just have to roll with the punches and deal with these things as they come. I am very close with my mom, and I’m trying to be optimistic, however, it’s hard to do that when I’m also a realist and know the history of my family and that these things usually turn out to be cancer.
I’m doing my best to keep my hopes up. It’s not easy. Please say a prayer for her.




Off today at 11.

Gonna finish my Christmas shopping.

Gonna spend the rest of the day wrapping them.

While drinking some yummy Almond Chapaigne.

I'll be toasted and horny by the time David comes home.

Or napping.

Anyways...Here's some pics of my and the Ardenettes!

BTW... They announced yesterday that my company has been sold to GE and Trizek. The transaction should happen by the end of the first quarter. I should still have a job when all is said and done. Who knows what will happen. I'm not gonna stress over it. Things happen and I've been through this before.

Enjoy the pics!



Here’s a re-cap of what my life has been like the past couple of weeks, considering I don’t have a free moment to write an actual entry anymore.

Works continued to be crazy, as my boss is still officing at another property. So I’m totally missing out on some much needed training. I’m doing my best, but I know there are things that I should be doing that I haven’t been taught yet, and she doesn’t have the time to teach me.

FuckHead was sentenced to two year in the state pen. I was surprised he didn’t get at least five. However, according to his mom, the DA wanted to just give him 4 months in county and the judge said Hell No! and gave him two years. Which means he’ll be out in a year with good behavior.

We got 3rd place in our company’s holiday talent show. We were robbed out of second which I felt we truly deserved. But, like they say..skin to win. Belly dancers got second, and first place was a band who sand Sweet Child o Mine by Guns N Roses, and they really did a great job and rocked the house. However, I felt that since this band does the same kind of act every year, and we had original lyrics and sang and dance, we could have even possibly got first. But the thing was rigged. Third place however, put an additional $500 bucks in my pocket, plus the three hundred dollar bills that handed out at the front door of the party. $800 for a night isn’t too shabby.



I guess the saying "You should be careful what you wish for" is true. I used to complain that I didn't have anything to do. Now I have too much to do.

Since the new PM they were going to switch with my boss got fired, and they still moved my boss over to the other properties, I've basically been running the show, with my not-even-two-months of experience.

Yesterday was the first day I've seen my boss in two weeks.

So yes, I've been quite busy.

Barely taking a lunch...just long enough to eat.

Working late.

And learning as much as I possibly can.

I really don't have time to even write this, but I figured since I got that nice message from Mallory, I'd take 5 minutes to give you all a low-down on what's been going on.

Last weekend I went to Bakersfield, where my cousin and her husband were visiting. Her husband just got back from Iraq about 2 months ago. They live in North Carolina, and came out to Cali to visit us all. We had so much fun. I love hanging out with them. Can't wait until they move closer. I've posted a few pics of Eric when he was in Iraq. We had fun bagging on him. He's an easy target, and a good sport about it.

David and the kids are doing great. David is just as awesome as always. I came home last night to a clean kitchen! Plus he cleaned the kids room, had laundry going and even vacuumed the house. Ladies, guys like this don't come around much. Luckily I snatched him up before someone else got her dirty little paws on him.

I'll try to post more when/if things slow down. Sorry I haven't even stopped by my usual blogs to catch up on what's been happening with you all. Take Care!